Fee dates

This is a list when fees were last due and when they are next due. As always 'Thank You' very much to all those who always pay their fees on time. If you still have any fees outstanding remember you can pay them online. If you are not sure if you owe anything please email louise@sadpa.co.uk.

Sparkles - last due 27th Nov, next due 22nd Jan

Castle Hill Little Stars - last 12th Dec, next 6th Feb

Tuesday Hip Hop - last 13th Dec, next 6th Feb

Musical Theatre - last 19th Dec, next 13th Feb

Street - last 20th Dec, next 14th Feb

Regent Little Stars - last 23rd Nov, next 18th Jan

Martlesham Heath Little Stars - last 14th Dec, next 15th Feb

Diamonds - last 14th Dec, next 8th Feb

Thursday Hip Hop - last 21st Dec, next 15th Feb

Saturdays - last 2nd Dec, next 27th Jan

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