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Basic facts

Our classes are held in various Ipswich locations, such as Castle Hill Church and the Ascension Hall. 

Many of our classes are run as a stage school. Students generally come for 2 or 3 hours (depending on their level). During this time they do ballet, tap and modern, as well as getting the chance to do musical theatre. For some students, classes are held in individual subjects. (For the youngest students, our classes are 45 minutes long)

Throughout the year, guest teachers, including professional choreographers and West End performers, come in to teach workshops.

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We have returned to face to face classes.  We have extensive risk assessments to ensure that we are Covid-19 Secure.  Social distancing is maintained in all of our classes, students sanitise their hands on arrival and departure, there are breaks between classes so that cleaning can be done and so that ‘bubbles’ don’t meet and only students are allowed in the buildings to keep the number of people to a minimum

Little Stars

A fun introduction to dance for children from 2 and a half years old.  It works on developing their imagination, creativity, confidence, independence and gross motor skills.  The aim of the class is to encourage happy, confident little dancers

Castle Hill Church Saturday 9.30 – 10.15am and Somersham Village Hall Tuesday 9.15 – 10am


This class follows on from Little Stars, further developing the basics of ballet, tap and modern, in a fun and creative way

Ascension Hall Saturday 11am


In this class students develop a greater understanding of ballet, tap and modern technique and learn to start combining more steps and become more independent in their dancing

Ascension Hall Saturday 12.45pm


Sapphires class really builds on the skills learnt so far in ballet, tap and modern, ensuring that they have a really good foundation to go on to move advanced work.  They focus on greater understanding of technique and becoming aware of how they are dancing and how they can improve their technique and performance skills

Ascension Hall Saturday 2.45pm


This class works in a similar way to Sapphires but moves at slightly faster pace with students being more secure in their knowledge of the work that they are studying and striving to maintain good technique and performance skills

Ascension Hall Saturday 9am


This is a 2 hour class, combining ballet, tap and modern.  The students have been dancing for quite a few years and have a solid understanding of the technical requirements.  They continue to build on these and increase the complexity of the steps and amalgamations that they are learning

Opals Ascension Hall Thursday 5.30pm


This class prepares students to be seniors, learning complex combinations, while maintaining technique and performance skills

Ascension Hall Monday 5.30pm


The students in this class have been dancing for many years and are working at GCSE/A’level equivalent with some looking at going into full time training and continuing onto a career in dance

Somersham Village Hall Friday 5pm    


For children from 5 years old through to our seniors aged up to 18.  These energetic, fun classes are great for children who love to dance, they help them to build confidence and concentration, while doing something they love!   

Castle Hill Church Wednesday Juniors 4.30pm, Intermediate 5.30pm, Seniors 6.30pm

Musical Theatre Dance 

This class is for children from 6 years old upwards who love musicals!  They dance to songs from the shows, from the traditional favourites to more modern.  A really good, fun, lively class

Castle Hill Church Thursday 6pm

 Hip Hop

These lively classes are great for energetic dancers – building in pace and technique, they enable dancers to progress and are great at building their confidence  

 Landseer Road Methodist Church Monday 4.15pm, Tuesday Juniors 4pm, Intermediates 5pm, Seniors 6pm


Expressive dance that combines elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet, for 12 years old upwards.  Ideal for those who love to dance or those doing (or hoping to do) GCSE or A’level dance, this class will help to build on all of the skills that are being worked on in school and that are needed to achieve full potential in those exams

Castle HIll Church Saturday 11.30

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